Baidu financial debut the technology is not intended to be financial assets

Financial technology (Fintech) the word, both in technology circles and the financial circles, are still not clear enough …

Almost all the world’s bankers are smelling a financial technology is likely to bring about huge changes, in the past two months the world’s authoritative financial media have their artificial intelligence as one of the headline topics. But on the other hand, is not a technology company can easily move into financial services, while at the same time there are a lot of changed its name to evade regulation “financial technology” financial platform for the Internet company.

, Vice President of Baidu, Baidu financial services group (FSG) General Manager Zhu Guang, Baidu World Conference, held in September 1, 2016, and tries to make to financial technology from Baidu definition of authority and establish a more scientific and technological benchmark.

Baidu World Conference this year all around the “artificial intelligence” theme, Baidu CEO Robin Li devoted all his time to recommend the “Baidu brain”. Zhu Guang Baidu financial Forum in the afternoon, continue this theme of “Baidu brain the best scenario in finance”.

Zhu Guang expression technology is the core of company financial competitiveness, he thought it was better than “industrial-financial” combined, or flow distribution are more important things for the financial business. While Baidu finance next business, will become more inclined to technology. iWatch bumpframe

Part of the audience at this site from the financial industry and the General Assembly is not exactly the same. However, this is more in line with Baidu in the financial strategy, but also the real debut of a technology-driven financial technology companies. X-DORIA iWatch cover

Baidu financial debut: the technology is not intended to be financial assets

In a speech in Zhu Guang presented Baidu think, five major financial technology of artificial intelligence-driven direction: identity authentication, data wind control, smart investment, quantitative investment and financial clouds.

Baidu financial first opened

In the Baidu Baidu Finance Forum for the World Assembly. Zhu Guang first strategically advantageous position described Baidu for finance, technology and understanding of changing trends and opportunities in the financial industry, and artificial intelligence. He proposed: “very clear path to achieve financial technology, Baidu financial assets to do now, through this scene to confirm their risk control model portrait, anti-fraud, large data capacity is not enough to just do it yourself, we have a lot of partners, the provision of financial services, data analysis, and intelligence capabilities. Is to explore, and institutional cooperation. ”

Then, Zhu Guang left the microphone with joining Baidu two 2 months Vice President Zhang Xuyang and crisp Wong. Zhang Xuyang charge Baidu Finance’s asset management business, previously General Manager of the asset management Department of China Everbright Bank, is the “information management” representative figure of the era, while Huang Shuang Lu Jin from the famous, has more than 20 years of experience in the financial sector, responsible for the company’s consumer finance business. They were each introduced to Baidu in asset management and consumer finance businesses, and the spot was held and securities companies, fund managers, credit institutions of the ceremony.

Obviously, conform to the foregoing statement of Zhu Guang, Baidu finance will first provide technical tools and services for financial institutions, enhance market influence in the financial sector.

Zhihou, Baidu financial research and development led by Shen, head shaking, Baidu is introduced in the provision of financial services by relying on technical strength, with emphasis on technical reliability. According to reports, the Baidu financial cloud output from financial institutions including artificial intelligence, security, smart, big data risk management, IT systems, to pay the six technology capability a full-service financial solutions.

Finance companies will all become science and technology company

Today Baidu Baidu World Conference-financial Forum, Baidu finance executive team all appeared. A certain sense of Baidu finance debut. This debut is also defined for the first time in the domestic financial companies are technology-driven financial technology services provider. This is of great significance in the industry.

As stated in the introduction, beginning of financial technology in the emerging domestic and coincides with the financial chaos of the Internet frequently, depressed valuations. Many financial companies to finance, technology and the Internet as a packing their new concept, but business is still to achieve a sales agent or terminal operations, risk varies greatly.

Baidu World Conference of artificial intelligence this year as the top priority, for Baidu finance is undoubtedly the best time to debut. In his speech, Zhu Guang, voiced artificial intelligence exploration of science and technology, not only IT brings huge efficiency on the financial sector, business optimization and reconstruction of the data model. The expression meaningful. Zhu Guang said Baidu finance in practice first, part of the assets of the financial technology training and certification technology, but technology is not intended to be financial assets.

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In fact, with the deepening of finance, technology and practice, as well as the development of artificial intelligence technology, the financial processes of the business itself will be transformed by technology, and when the tipping point coming technologies will take over most of the financial business processes, then there may be no more “financial technology”–because all the financial institutions is the word “Corporation”.

Markets are indeed a short-term vision, slow transformation of traditional financial institutions (most notably at the point of sale), even at today’s meeting, there is hope with Baidu traffic advantages to boost the sales of financial professionals. Long term trends, such companies the impact of science and technology will be greatest. When a significant change in the back-end business processes have occurred, front-end sales not only to change tools, and more to redesign services and transactions.

Large technology companies, including Baidu building a true state of the financial industry, will no doubt give aspiring entrepreneurs in the financial industry, planning a new track.

View Zhu Guang speech gene into Baidu Baidu technology finance, our 35 years of solid matter


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